Creative Release

An effortless evening session with image maker Tori Ray. 

Getting caught up in the business of every day life is a trap I am faced with daily. 
I do my best to pull myself aside and force myself to create. I believe whatever visions or thoughts forming in my mind deserve the chance to come to life. This shoot is a very example of that forced set aside time. 
I partnered with local photographer Tori Ray to capture the true feeling of being a female soul skater, by skating in a dress. Everything about how these shots came out are a sign to me and also Tori that no matter how busy you find yourself in life, never hold back on your creative release. 

New Dusters X Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word Board

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word (GN4LW) teamed up with Dusters California to create a cruiser skateboard that projects the female empowerment skateboarding brings to girls and women, alike. The “It’s Not About Pretty” skateboard reminds us that girls are not just a pretty face and should strive for so much more in today’s world.

So stoked to work with Cindy Whitehead and my boyfriend, Alex Barnes to be featured in this ad for the new @girlisnota4letterword x @dustercaliforniaboard! Not only that, but to be apart of spreading the message that "It's Not About Pretty" Click the links below to read more about it with Transworld Business and Cindy herself. Photo: Alex Barnes

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word.


Let people talk, because you know that they will. The world has taken skateboarding and turned it into something it was never intended to be. Fortunately, the fire that came from the first foot that stepped on to a board still burns in some of us today. Skate for yourself. Do it because it makes you happy. It’s not about gender, ability, or progression. It’s about happiness. It’s about experiencing that feeling that simply cannot be replaced. 

- Elise Crigar x Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word

I recently was given the opportunity to colloborate with one of my most admired figures in the world of skateboarding. Cindy Whitehead has created her own path in skateboarding since the 70's. Today she has started her own brand, Girl is not a 4 letter word, to continue to spread girls skateboarding throughout the world. Working with an individual that shared similar passions and visions only came natural to me. Below is a Look Book I created featuring some of the latest designs from Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word. Enjoy!