Stance Socks

The design challenge for this project was to create a campaign to drive more connection with the consumers of Stance Socks. This attempt to united these demographics of stance consumers is a reflection of what the brand itself stands for. A series of three print ads were created, each showing a different lifestyle of a Stance consumer. These are just every day people that do unique things in there Stance Socks. The copy on the ads will inform the viewer of the Stance United movement and what they can do to be involved and see more. Posters were also created as a hand out to spark this inspiration within the consumers more. All of this content leads the viewer to the Stance website where they will find a look book map of the United States. Here they can click on each state and see different stance styles worn across the map. If they see a pair they love in the book, just one click and they are sent to the website to purchase that pair. The hash tags that are posted by the users will be creating these books for each state, bringing together all the unique ways Stance Socks are worn in one place. 

Click here to view the prototype for this Look Book.