She is More: Angie Marino


Who are you and what do you do? 

Hi! My name is Angie Marino. I am from Buffalo, New York currently living in the ever so sunny San Diego, California. I am a BMX athlete, artist and designer. 


Can you tell us about a recent or upcoming project or experience you are using to impact others with your passion? 

I recently was chosen to be the subject of a "Path to Pro Cup" video for Vans. Through this video, I was able to show a day in my life and my passion for riding BMX and being an artist. The video will be out soon!


What are your thoughts on current media trends?

I think there are so many trends in todays media world. Ignore the ones that you don't like and the ones you do like, take it as a creative opportunity to challenge and express yourself in your own way.


What do you strive to accomplish with your media voice?

To inspire girls and show the world that action sports is not just a boys only club. 


What does “She is More” mean to you? 

So many people are caught up with how their social media looks that they tend to lose themselves. Getting caught up in current trends that they don't even believe in, it is the equivalent to being a sheep in a herd. She is more means to me that it is important to stay true to you. 


What advice do you have for others that want to make a positive impact with their media?

Be true to yourself, take the time to respond to the people/fans who comment or message you, support and show that you're happy for others and always be kind.