She is More: A Portrait Series


What is it?

“She is More” is a portrait series of influential women that are more than pretty faces and video views. Behind their media following are women that are just as real as the tricks they are landing. These ladies are making a positive impact by not living for attention and popularity but letting their passion drive them, and sharing their experiences with others. When it comes to image likes and followers their purpose runs deeper—they are more.


Who is it?

Anyone that stands above the influence of current media trends. She speaks for herself and is not swayed or caught up in the voices of others. She does not live for attention, but to impact and make a difference. 


Project Purpose

The goal of this project is to celebrate women that are using their media influence for positive, impactful purposes. I want to share their story in hopes to inspire and empower others. 


Project background

Social media is a powerhouse. The opportunity for anyone to become anything is more available than ever. Everyone deals with the power of media differently, it can bring out the best, worst or a whole new version of someone. Before starting this project, I found myself feeling exhausted from media, finding it hard to see the reality behind individuals, their content, and voice. Instead of letting this negative energy affect me and my work, I set out to highlight women that are using their media for a positive influence.