Kashi Go Cereal Commercial

Recent commercial shoot for Kashi Cereal.

This shoot was particularly rad because I got to skate with and cheer on the star, Allysha Le.

You can catch the commercial airing on TV, or click below.

Photos by Embry Rucker

Ocala Magazine Feature

Honored to be interviewed and featured in my hometown magazine, Ocala Magazine.

After many years Ocala, Florida is finally getting a skatepark! I am grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the benefits of skateboarding with the community I grew up in. I am excited to see what great things this new park brings to Ocala. Thank you Jessi Miller , Ocala Magazine , Ocala/Marion County Chamber of Commerce Photos by Taryn Kent


Adventures In Design Podcast Interview

This is most definitely a pinch me moment. I have been listing to @markbrickey on @aidpodcast through my biggest moves as an artist and a human. It is very surreal and an honor to be featured on this podcast. Mark is great at his job, he cracked me open and got me to share my raw, real experience with skateboarding that made me who I am today. This is my story, the whole thing, the real thing.

She is More: Angie Marino


Who are you and what do you do? 

Hi! My name is Angie Marino. I am from Buffalo, New York currently living in the ever so sunny San Diego, California. I am a BMX athlete, artist and designer. 


Can you tell us about a recent or upcoming project or experience you are using to impact others with your passion? 

I recently was chosen to be the subject of a "Path to Pro Cup" video for Vans. Through this video, I was able to show a day in my life and my passion for riding BMX and being an artist. The video will be out soon!


What are your thoughts on current media trends?

I think there are so many trends in todays media world. Ignore the ones that you don't like and the ones you do like, take it as a creative opportunity to challenge and express yourself in your own way.


What do you strive to accomplish with your media voice?

To inspire girls and show the world that action sports is not just a boys only club. 


What does “She is More” mean to you? 

So many people are caught up with how their social media looks that they tend to lose themselves. Getting caught up in current trends that they don't even believe in, it is the equivalent to being a sheep in a herd. She is more means to me that it is important to stay true to you. 


What advice do you have for others that want to make a positive impact with their media?

Be true to yourself, take the time to respond to the people/fans who comment or message you, support and show that you're happy for others and always be kind. 

She is More: Jordyn Barratt


Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Jordyn, I’m 19 and I’m a professional skateboarder.


Can you tell us about a recent or upcoming project or experience you are using to impact others with your passion? 

I recently competed in The Vans Park Series World Championships in China, and then the Exposure Skate Event: A Women’s Benefit Event to bring opportunity and visibility to women who embody courage and strength.


What are your thoughts on current media trends?

I am really not a fan of social media, but because I am a professional athlete it is beneficial for me to keep up with it. Sponsors are always asking me how many followers, likes and comments I receive. In my mind that honestly doesn’t mean anything to me. It’s like a certain number can make a person special and it doesn’t even matter what kind of person they actually are on the inside. I think this can distort peoples perspective.


What do you strive to accomplish with your media voice?

Recently I teamed up with ESPN and Games on their campaign, Shred Hate for anti-bullying month. I spoke about my past experience with bullying and encouraged people to choose kindness and shred hate. Sharing a positive moment like this through social media is awesome.

The remainder of my content is skating videos and images. Posting these may seem repetitive to me but, it is really cool to hear that they have inspired or impacted viewers. 


What does “She is More” mean to you? 

Growing up I would get so stoked to meet pro athletes and take a photo with them. It meant the world to me if they took the time to interact with me and showed that they cared. 

Today, being in the public eye with people looking up to me, I always strive to do this. I take the time to talk to them, sign their board and take a photo, no matter how tired or hungry I am. By taking this time and building relationships, I want to show people know that I am more than just a girl that can skate. 


What advice do you have for others that want to make a positive impact with their media?

My quote for life is fall down 7 get up 8. I relate this to skating and all things in life.

When it comes to social media, go with what you believe in and what you feel good about. If you aren’t getting the response you want or feel like no one is hearing you, don’t quit. If you are following what you believe, and continue to put in the effort, you will succeed. 

She is More: Izzi Gomez

Artboard 3-100.jpg

Who are you and what do you do? 

I am Izzi Gomez, I’m 18 yrs old and I guess you could call me a Water Woman haha!


Can you tell us about a recent or upcoming project or experience you are using to impact others with your passion? 

I am proud to announce that I have joined the Colombian Olympic Surf & SUP Team. This is very exciting for me to be able to share my passion while embracing my heritage. I’m really looking forward to learning the language and encouraging the youth and women to appreciate and enjoy the ocean. I really can’t wait to see what the future holds in the world of surfing and paddle boarding in this beautiful country. 


What are your thoughts on current media trends?

Social media is everything in today’s society. It’s a love-hate relationship. It’s addicting & intoxicating, smoke & mirrors. There is quite a lack of authenticity. Everyone is just trying to one up the next and showcase their best. This form of eye candy has become such a guilty pleasure of many finding themselves indulging in wasteful hours of cyber stalking. It has become such an epidemic amongst teens resulting in anxiety and depression. I personally feel that the human race has lost touch with reality, humanity, and socialization, in a sense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing platform for networking and self-promotion. It also serves a purpose for your voice to be heard amongst millions you couldn’t reach otherwise. I love the positive and inspiring information and people I have come across on social media. Not to mention, it’s the best way to connect with your family and friends. 


What do you strive to accomplish with your media voice?

I would like to inspire others to just be kind, human, and to be proud of who they are….to enjoy life and to live in the moment. It’s not about how cool you are, or if you’re pretty, or skinny enough, or about how many followers or likes you have. I want young girls to know the difference between the illusion people create and the real world. It’s important for them to understand that everyone is unique & special in their own way. I want them to know that they matter. 


What does “She is More” mean to you? 

“She is More” than just another pretty face or an object of distraction. 

“She is More” than meets the eye. 


What advice do you have for others that want to make a positive impact with their media?

 The struggle is real… It’s a rollercoaster of emotions on the daily, damn social media. You just have to find a healthy balance to live with it… because truth is, we can’t live without it.

Use it, don’t consume it. Be Real. Be True. Be You. 


She is More: A Portrait Series


What is it?

“She is More” is a portrait series of influential women that are more than pretty faces and video views. Behind their media following are women that are just as real as the tricks they are landing. These ladies are making a positive impact by not living for attention and popularity but letting their passion drive them, and sharing their experiences with others. When it comes to image likes and followers their purpose runs deeper—they are more.


Who is it?

Anyone that stands above the influence of current media trends. She speaks for herself and is not swayed or caught up in the voices of others. She does not live for attention, but to impact and make a difference. 


Project Purpose

The goal of this project is to celebrate women that are using their media influence for positive, impactful purposes. I want to share their story in hopes to inspire and empower others. 


Project background

Social media is a powerhouse. The opportunity for anyone to become anything is more available than ever. Everyone deals with the power of media differently, it can bring out the best, worst or a whole new version of someone. Before starting this project, I found myself feeling exhausted from media, finding it hard to see the reality behind individuals, their content, and voice. Instead of letting this negative energy affect me and my work, I set out to highlight women that are using their media for a positive influence.


California Girls

Photos: Taryn Kent | Styling: Julia Wheeler | Skaters: Kaelie Cobian, Stephanie Allen, Elise Crigar



Photos by Nathalie Kossek